Do you prefer I submit my resume through LinkedIn or Indeed or should I attach it?

We prefer that you attach your resume using the Apply link in the job description because outside services strip off too much information and all of your formatting. But we are happy to get it in any format regardless!

Do you charge fees to job applicants/candidates?

No, we never charge fees of any kind to candidates.

Who pays for your services?

All of our fees are paid by client companies and we never charge fees of any kind to candidates. 

What is International Employer of Record Services?

EOR is a service we offer to employers and potential employees. It is a trusted method of hiring and paying employees compliantly in most countries overseas and in America.  Our EOR service is designed exclusively for companies with the need to hire employees both inside and outside of the USA.  For more information go to our EOR Page on this site.

Why should I send you my resume if I didn’t see any openings that interest me on your job pages?

We want to encourage you to send us your resume  even if you do not see a position being advertised. Some of our openings are confidential so they may not be advertised on our job pages. Also, if  we don’t have a current position for you we will be able to review it against future openings.

To best serve you, please include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Current Address
  • Current or Last Salary
  • The Minimum Salary you want to hear about
  • Relocation preferences or Restrictions, including USA and Overseas  

About Salary Information: Many States and cities in the USA have different laws limiting a employer’s right to ask for salary information from candidates. (This is primarily to protect women and minority candidates from salary discrimination).  When applying for one of our job postings we prefer you give us your salary, but it is not required. If you cannot provide current or past salary we do need to know your minimum salary requirements or a statement that you are willing to accept a salary within the posted salary range.