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International Staffing Consultants, Inc.A worry-free way to hire employees overseas!

Our international Employer of Record service is the fastest and most cost effective way to hire someone overseas or in America, be compliant with local laws, and eliminate the cost and trouble of establishing a local entity in a foreign country.

Eliminate the need for “brick and mortar” operations overseas.

We have hundreds of offices around the globe that will take all the worry and cost away today!  We have been providing American and foreign employers with EOR services since 1979 and understand the intricacies of local labor laws across the globe. You don’t need to seek costly advice from local accountants and international lawyers.

We are “local” no matter where you want to operate.

The employment relationship is entirely handled by us and all local social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights are afforded to the employee. We employ the worker directly on a local payroll, keep you compliant, report and pay all relevant details and present you with a monthly invoice.

If you are looking at international expansion or just need to hire one international employee we can help!

We are a USA based company founded in 1979 offering global staffing and EOR services through our worldwide network of partner offices in more than 160 countires. Together we offer a unique service to help employers staff and pay their overseas employees.

Key Advantages:

Transparent and predictable costs.

Local expertise

No setup costs

No local entity required

Fully compliant with local laws, taxes and benefits

One simple invoice to pay

Hundreds of Countries Covered

You do not need to incur the cost in time and money of incorporating almost anywhere overseas. Our EOR solutions will help you through all the various processes involved to ensure you are fully compliant with local immigration, tax and other mandatory legal issues, allowing the worker to concentrate on the job at hand and to get paid on time with full compliance of the local laws.

Let us show you the fastest and most effective way to hire your next employee overseas!

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Comparing Establishing a Entity vs. International PEO / EOR 

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