The Smart Alternative to H1-B Visas

The following is reprinted in part from a Bog at our EOR partner Safeguard Global.

Employer of Record (EOR) service is a great alternative to H1-B and other work visas during these uncertain times!

Have you been waiting endlessly for your work visas to be approved? Is the the talent shortage in the USA and the cost or complexity of bringing new staff in from overseas on visas stopping you from filling your critical needs?

There is a solution that many US employers have found by using our global employer of record service to act as an H-1B visa alternative.

Global Staffing Since 1979Many fast-growing start-ups that depend on highly skilled engineering teams have addressed talent concerns by hiring in emerging tech markets outside of the U.S. and Silicon Valley, such as Toronto, Tel-Aviv or Warsaw,   etc. Taking a global approach to staffing has allowed these organizations to keep projects moving forward, even during times of geopolitical risk.

Any organization seeking to hire skilled employees for specific roles should consider a more agile approach to employment as their H-1B visa alternative. Hiring workers in their home countries—rather than bringing them to the U.S. through specialized visa programs—has proven to be a strategic opportunity for employers.

How a global employer of record can act as an H-1B visa alternative:

With a global employer of record, organizations can hire workers in their home countries, virtually anywhere in the world, without first having to set up a legal business entity.

Our flexible employer of record solution allows organizations with diverse talent needs like yours to build international teams quickly and compliantly. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations expand their talent pool by hiring foreign workers—without the need for an H-1B visa—for over 10 years. We can…

  • Compliantly hire and pay candidates on your behalf in over 179 countries—often in as little as two weeks
  • Handle HR, employment and salary requirements—so all you need to manage is your employees’ day-to-day activities
  • Support employee populations ranging from one to hundreds of workers
  • Employ workers in their home country for as little as three months—once you can employ them in the U.S., we seamlessly transition employment to you

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you keep your projects moving—in spite of changes to H-1B visa rules—by employing your critical workers on your behalf, in their home country.